Press Release: PROGRESSIVE GROUPS SUPPORTING SEATTLE MAYOR’S $15/HR PROPOSAL Immigrant Rights Groups, Labor Unions, Non-profits, Small Businesses, and Low Wage Workers Say Mayor’s Plan Is A Winner For Seattle

$15 for Seattle

Together we are building a broad-based coalition to address income inequality in Seattle, beginning with the following goals:

• Establish a $15 minimum wage for all workers
• Implement policies that are sensitive to small local businesses and non-profit organizations
• Adopt wage enforcement strategies that empower workers

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Broad Coalition of Support

Women. Immigrants. People of Color. Youth. Workers. Customers. Renters. Students. Retirees.

We all need enough to live on, to pay the bills. To have an opportunity to survive and thrive in Seattle.

So everyone can support themselves, afford the basics, and contribute to the economy.

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